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$25 to promote on-campus food options

During the school week evenings, it is common to find a group of students gathered by the entrance of the Dion Family Student…

Former SMC student charged with voyeurism

After pleading no contest to charges of domestic assault and simple assault against two women, former St. Michael’s student Jake Tougas is now…

Jeffrey Ayres hired as new dean of college

“The first thing that I will bring to the dean’s position is not my ego, but my desire to serve the college, to…

Student proposes living wall in student center

“A living wall is a vertical garden. It is a living, breathing, self-sustaining system that has numerous benefits both environmentally and economically. In…


If one were to walk past Hodson Hall through the 100s townhouses, nothing would seem out of the ordinary today. But many students remember last spring, when a…

On a crisp, cool, September Saturday night at St. Michael’s, students are crowded around the grill. A hubbub of laughter, shouting, and talking fill the air. A smile…


Social media is changing how we get jobs

Recognizing student veterans on campus

‘Learner based’ system replaces eCollege

Continuing the legacy of the P-Day trike race


What’s your best P-Day story?

What’s your best P-Day story?

 Fun. Infamous. Silly. Crazy. Entertaining. Preparation. These are just some of the words that come to mind when members of the St. Michael’s community think of Preparation Day,…

5K Color Run for the Congo

5K Color Run for the Congo

A crowd of people dressed in white lined up in the field near Gilbrook for the second annual 5K Run for Congo on Sunday, April 13. This year’s…

Studying video game addiction

Studying video game addiction

During March and April, Dustin Kenyon, ’15, conducted an in-depth study of video game addiction in his suite in Cashman Hall. For his final assignment for an anthropology…

Seniors reflect on capstone projects

Seniors reflect on capstone projects

    For many St. Michael’s seniors, crunch time is quickly approaching. Deadlines and due dates are in sight and many seniors are just wrapping up their senior…

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Winooski hosts Waking Windows

Beginning Thursday, downtown Winooski will host more than 60 bands, comedians and artists at Waking Windows…

The Onion River Review releases new issue

Cosmos: giving science popular appeal

Theater department adapts Broadway musical

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Acapalooza Photo Gallery

All four of St. Michael’s acapella groups, Mike Check, The Sleepless Knights, SMC Acabellas and Soulful…

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Appreciate artists of the word

“That woman is crying.” In four words, this sentence simultaneously describes and creates a visual scene…

Saying farewell to The Defender

The need for transparency for the public good

Ban the word “bossy” from your vocabulary