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Radical Messages Disrupt Cmapus

  By Madeline Hughes Last Tuesday a campus-wide email was sent out to the St. Michael’s community that someone not affiliated with our campus was posting fliers entitled “Islam versus Democracy.” The poster vilified an entire religion with slander. “On this campus everyone is widely accepting of each other and […]

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The Defender Caper

  By Madeline Hughes After 1,250 copies of the semester’s first issue of The Defender were printed and placed around campus two weeks ago, students, faculty and staff complained that they had disappeared within a few hours, before most people had a chance to read the newspaper. Students could not […]

Navigating the online news revolution

Navigating the online news revolution

  By Anna Ste. Marie Tucked away at the end of South Champlain Street in downtown Burlington sits a nondescript office complex that is home to the vibrant headquarters of Seven Days, an independent weekly newspaper. Once inside, you are greeted by utterly embellished walls and the incessant buzz of […]

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Business and Accounting Departments Revise Curricula

By Karianne Shetter For students studying Business Administration or Accounting at St. Michael’s College, the path towards attaining their degree has taken a different route. Karen Popovich, new chair of the Business and Accounting Departments, said the new energy will allow students the opportunity to study their passions within the […]

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WWPV The Mike: Same Sound, New Frequency

By Karianne Shetter As of September 14, listeners of WWPV The Mike must switch their station’s frequency from 88.7 FM to 92.5 FM in order to hear their favorite DJs play tunes or crack jokes on the air. WWPV, St. Michael’s student-run radio station, changed frequencies as a result of […]

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Student Global AIDS Campaign Bird-Dog Clinton

By Marianna Nowacki Two weeks ago a group of St. Michael’s College students awoke at 5:30 a.m. to drive over three hours from Burlington to Portsmouth, NH in an attempt to reach out to Hillary Clinton. Bird-dogging was on the agenda. Greg Hamilton ’16, Meaghan Diffenderfer ’16, Professor Patricia Siplon, […]

Alliot Forks find their way to the 300s Field
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Alliot Forks find their way to the 300s Field

By Marianna Nowacki   Have you ever wondered where the Alliot compost goes? Last week students walking to class across the 300s field noticed something a bit odd. Forks, spoons and shards of dishware poked through the newly laid soil like discoveries in an archeological dig. In an effort to […]