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Past and present: Echos of Hiroshima in modern day

Past and present: Echos of Hiroshima in modern day

The Defender’s Design Editor, Angela McParland, talks about her visit to Hiroshima while she was studying abroad. Her parents taught her the importance of learning from history, McParland uses her experience to discuss how remembering the history of nuclear bombs in Japan is important today with rising nuclear threats.

Marissa Ford ’19, Caleb Lothian ’17, Shawn Roseen ’18 and Lindsey Garland ’17 leading the pack at the 2016 Derby Day. Photo by Sophie Adams.

Senior Class Traditions Holding Strong in 2017

Senior Wedding During the early evening of Sunday, April 23, Brendan “Dunny” Donovan, ’17, and Michaela “Mik” Horne, ’17, were (fake) joined in a beautiful celebration of (un)Holy Matrimony. Connor Murray, ’17 acted as the officiant. The ceremony included vows, speeches by various members of the wedding party, and of […]

Photo by Lindsey Garland.

The Art of… Color Theory

Eli Olson, ’17 chose to take Interactions with Color this spring because it gave him a chance to let his creative juices flow. “I haven’t been able to make an art project like this since middle school,” he said. The course, taught by Will Mentor, focuses on the different ways […]

Students make pins in honor of late classmate

Students make pins in honor of late classmate

By Katie Ferrell Staff Writer As the 2017 Commencement approaches, it comes time for the senior class to conclude their careers as Saint Michael’s students by recognizing those who have influenced them and helped them along the way of their journey. This year’s graduating class will be waving goodbye to […]

Bias response strives for change

By Justin Ranicar Staff Writer Last month, The Defender published a front page story focusing on incidents of bias affecting the campus. These cases were detailed in a “Bias Incident Report” timeline, giving a detailed overview of the proceedings. The BRT is working to address issues in a more timely […]