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Health services policy changes

At the end of the 2013-14 academic year, St. Michael’s College offered its staff an early retirement package. If an employee qualified,he or…

Popularity brews in craft beer studies

Popularity brews in craft beer studies

Sip, gulp, ahh. A hint of pumpkin or mild coffee undertones are only the start to taste bud-tantalizing variations popping up around every…

Gas leak in 100s temporarily relocated students

On the evening of Sept. 14, fire alarms sounded in the 100s townhouses as residents waited for firefighters to determine the cause of…

Green Up to implement compost initiative

Green Up to implement compost initiative

“No one wants to take it all the way to Alliot—it’s a stinky bucket that no one wants to travel with,” said McKenna…


The National College Health Assessment survey was distributed last year, asking students questions ranging from their different study habits to activities outside of the classroom. Recently, the results…

In an effort to further bring the St. Michael’s community together, the college established a themed housing program in all of the residential areas across cam- pus this…


Studio D provides alternative happy hour

The drinking age: more than just a number

Are pre-orientation activites worth the cost?

A cause for alarm: new fire safety measures


Are there too many Americans in Global Housing?

Are there too many Americans in Global Housing?

Cashman Hall on a Monday night often has a social buzz coming from the great room between 8-9p.m. on the first floor. Inside, American and international students sit…

Students use sculpture to liven up campus

The rock arch created by Thea Alvin breathed life into the space between McCarthy Arts Center and the Academic Buildings, creating a new art installation for students to…

Students test new rock climbing center

Observing the bouldering wall, Emily Sundstrom, ’15, plans her climbing route by motioning her feet and hand holds in the air. Once the course is pre-navigated, she quickly…

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A Sleepless ‘Knight’ in the Empire City

A Sleepless ‘Knight’ in the Empire City

Voices hush and turn into whispers as the white lights dim overhead illuminating the center stage;…

Style Files: Joggers

The Bite: Our House

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Acapalooza Photo Gallery

All four of St. Michael’s acapella groups, Mike Check, The Sleepless Knights, SMC Acabellas and Soulful…

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Practice social media empathy

Reading the words “cyber bullying” more than likely conjures up images of immature 12-year-old middle school students…

Please think before you drive

Appreciate artists of the word

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My culture shock from Afghanistan to the U.S.

I did not know the meaning of culture shock before I came to the United States,…

Keep the problem contained? Or help?

California says yes to affirmative consent