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Student Association freezes ShredMC budget

On the return ride from this year’s Jay Day, Feb. 9, an incident occurred on one of the buses that resulted in a…

United Kingdom legalizes new fertilization procedures

The futuristic idea of three- parent babies has come to life in the United Kingdom. On Feb. 24, the House of Lords passed…

Senate Bill 95 could legalize marijuana in Vermont

Vermont could be the next state to legalize the use of recreational marijuana. On Feb. 17, Sen. David Zuckerman introduced Senate Bill 95…

Alabama judge fights same-sex marriage ruling

A federal ruling was made to allow same-sex marriage in Alabama on Feb. 4. Alabama Chief Justice Roy S. Moore responded by issuing…


Holding a bag of gummy bears, Wade Davis hugs everyone in his path as he steps off the stage from his “You Can Play Project” talk on March…

“The world expects you young people to build bridges,” said Herman Boone, the football coach that inspired the Disney movie “Remember the Titans.” “However, you must make them…


Accepted Students Days can tip scales in favor of enrollment

Sanders’ speech calls students to action

Climate change threatens New England ski resorts

Adapting to America: Abdullah Al Inkis


Why do we need professional journalists?

“The first reason why we need professional journalists can be summed up in one word: verification,” said Jay Rosen, a media critic and New York University journalism professor.…

Twin brothers, twin casts

Screaming, confusion and praises to every Roman god from Venus to Jupiter echoed from the McCarthy main stage last week as the casts for “The Meneachmus Twins” prepare…

Diversity Coalition presents slam poetry

Diversity Coalition presents slam poetry

Snaps, laughter, and murmers of agreement filled the recital hall of McCarthy Arts Center Friday during the Third Annual Spoken Word Competition. Visiting poets G. Yamazawa, Elizabeth Acevedo…

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Style Files: Hats

Style Files: Hats

Hats off to you! Think French berets, British fascinators, pork pie hats and 90’s bucket hat…

The style behind the files: Juliana Summers and Lauren Carter

The Bite: Papa Frank’s Restaurant

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In Plain Sight

In Plain Sight

PHOTOS CONTRIBUTED BY STEPHANIE NADOW Clockwise from top left: Stephanie Nadow, ’15, came across this staircase…

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Take some time to disconnect

As I sit down to write this editorial, I am preparing to embark on LEAP, a…

Dear Fox, no need to fear ‘Frozen’

Join the discussion; it happens here

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Letter to the Editor: Understand, then deal with Islamic State

To the Executive Editor: Recently, The Defender published an informative article regarding President Obama’s request for…

Misconceptions: what defines feminism

Are you there, God? It’s me, a journalist