The art of… The snowflakes that don’t melt


Photo Column by Maddy Linden

Just like real snowflakes, Cody Putnam, 17’ does not make any of his handmade snowflakes like another. “Even if I tried to make the same one I probably couldn’t. They all fold slightly different, different cuts and so on.” Putnam used to sell his snowflakes for 10 cents in 7th grade. His art teacher told him to pursue snowflake making. The business really grew when he got to college and tried more advanced designs, especially by putting things in the middle of the snowflakes. He began creating designs that depicted animals, baseballs, silhouettes, etc. Having over 30 orders last year and taking about 2 or 3 hours to make each one, the push for his snowflakes was at an all time high. His snowflakes sell from a range of $10-$25 depending on how complex the snowflake is. His website has taken off with orders from students, people in state, and one international order. The reason Putnam has continued to create such beautiful works of art, even with his incredibly busy schedule as senior class president and participation in several committees and clubs on campus, is the satisfaction he gets from the reactions of his customers. He doesn’t always love selling them because he feels greedy and selfish about making a profit from his art. Putnam says in the future he would love to make a snowflake for the Ellen DeGeneres Show because she is a role model of his who is known for giving back to her community and viewers in a variety of ways.



The Art Of… is a recurring photo column for The Defender that features a different art form with each publication.
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