Expand your world, learn that language

Learning a language broadens both your view of the world and yourself. It’s not an easy task, but the only downside is the work needed to put into it.

If you’re interested in learning a language, please check out the links below:

SMC Resources:

The SMC Library holds many foreign language to English dictionaries and some textbooks for a variety of languages from Russian to Polish. Feel free to ask the library if there’s a book you want but don’t have. http://www.smcvt.edu/academics/library.aspx

The LRC provides language-learning resources in their space in St. Edmunds Hall Room 215. There are also some language resources they have on their website to get you through the basics. https://knightsite.smcvt.edu/lrc/language-resources-2/

Online language learning resources:

Duolingo: A free language learning website with a variety of languages. It offers daily goals and teaches both grammar and vocabulary with added support of pictures and audio clips. https://www.duolingo.com/

Busuu: A language learning website that can either be used free or with added benefits or a monthly fee. It offers grammar, vocabulary and correction from native speakers. https://www.busuu.com/

Memrise: A free language learning website that specializes in vocabulary https://www.memrise.com/

Lang8: Post a diary entry in the language you’re learning and native speakers will correct it. You can also correct posts made in your language. http://lang-8.com/