The Art of… Horse Training

    As Annie Fitzgerald left her car and began walking to the stables at Mountain Moon Farm in Charlotte, V.T, horses that had been standing in shadows began to move. She approached the stables and called their names the horses trotted towards her.

    As she walked around the barn, you could begin to sense her passion. “Every horse has a name and varying personality,” she said, “they are like people.” Fitzgerald graduated from UVM with a major in Environmental Science, which she said, is a key contributor towards her success. While at UVM she was on the equestrian team, competing regularly, and when she was not competing she was at the barn tending to horses. Now at the age of 23, she is able to wake up every morning to look out

her front window and see a red barn sitting in front of the snow capped green mountains, not to mention 20 horses meandering in their stables.

    “A normal day for a horse trainer doesn’t exist,” said Annie Fitzgerald. At her own barn and horse training facility, she spends herday teaching students to ride horses. She got her first horse when she was thirteen and fell in love, to her these horses are more than animals, they are her life.