Faculty look forward to summer adventures

Faculty summer plans are just as diverse and intriguing as students’. Below are just a few examples of what faculty members do once the academic year ends.

Nathaniel Lew, Department Chair, Associate Professor of Fine Arts: MusicNathaniel-Lew_music

Lew said he looks forward to the opportunity to revisit personal research projects that have been put on the back burner because of teaching loads, including working on editing unpublished works of English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams.

Lew, who considers himself primarily a musicologist, looks forward to tackling a “project that combines music editing, music scholarship, and actual composition.”

Lew also plans to together a concert of music composed by former St. Michael’s professor Richard Stoehr. Lew is also the director of the Counterpoint Vocal Ensemble, and he looks forward to their performances in July and late August.


bedell-239Claudine Bedell, Associate Professor of Education, Director of Graduate Education

For Bedell, the summer is just as busy as any other time of year. First she’s looking forward to seeing her son graduate from St. Michael’s!

As the Director of Graduate Education, “Lots of teachers come in to take classes. Some are trying to get higher degrees, some get teaching licenses,” said Bedell.

Bedell will organize a conference for educators in Vermont. She’s also presenting at a conference in June.

“Also family time of course! I work all summer so we’re looking forward to lots of day trips. We’re right in between Montreal and Burlington, so there are lots of great potential day trips!” finished Bedell.


Timothy Mackin, Instructor of English, Director of the Writing Programtim-mackin
Mackin said he isn’t sure exactly what he’ll be doing this summer, and that’s the way he likes it! He does know that he will spend lots of time with his family and in the outdoors. He also plans to travel to destinations unknown.


LorrieSmithLorrie Smith, Professor of English and American Studies, American Studies Program Director, English Department Chair

For the second summer in a row, Smith will use the summer to embark on a cross-country road trip with her husband Jack. They plan to stop at a variety of sacred Native American sites on their way down to Albuquerque, NM– taking in the American landscape. Then, “Maybe Montana, maybe Wyoming, we’re not really sure yet,” says Smith. “Jack and I have a minivan and a flat top bed for the back. We’ll pull into some camp grounds and be good to go!”


David Heroux, Associate Professor of Chemistrydavid-heroux-web

Heroux will be working with two students in the Chemistry Department as they research inorganic matter and their chemical properties. “Basically rocks” said Heroux who will work with another student on atomically porous materials that act as catalysts.

Heroux’s own research involves biofuels.“I’ll obviously find some time to do some hiking and fishing too,” Heroux added.


Allison Kuklok, Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Kuklok will be working on at least three academic papers as well as spending some free time with her cats and doing some outdoorsy things. The papers are on John Locke and Locke’s understanding of natural kinds.

In her free time this summer she says she will be “hanging out with my cats, watering my plants, making smoothies and salads, and filling my bird feeders.”