Students gather for 17th Annual JibFest

Photos and story by Corinne Duffy

Misty clouds of breath surrounded  students who gathered in the 28 degree weather on Friday night from 5-8 pm on the 3s field for the 17th Annual Jibfest, a competition where students from the ShredSMC club compete for a judges panel to determine which has the coolest tricks and style.

The event, sponsored by Jay Peak and Burton, had grilling, Ski The East merchandise, and discounted passes for Jay Peak exclusively for students at the event.  Burton also had a tent selling apparel and snowboarding gear.

The ramp, which was put together during the day on Friday by volunteers, was covered in snow brought in by four trucks, and built together in the armpit of the 3s. Spotlights shone down on the ramp as eager students cheered on their peers and watched in awe at the performance occurring in front of them which included jumps, spinning, and backwards tricks down the ramps.

“Jibfest is something a lot of us shredders look forward to. It’s a great way for us to start off the season and scrape off the rust as well as bring everyone together as a community,” said Joey Luca, ‘18.

For skiers, Sean Flynn ‘20 took  first place, Matt Stackhouse ‘21 came in second, and Donnie Fahringer ‘18 came in third. For snowboarders, Joey Luca ‘18 took first place, Patrick Morrissey ‘18 came in second, and Tyler Prime ‘19 came in third.

“It cultivates the mentality of working together to achieve a common goal, which is to have fun,” Luca said. “It’s always a learning experience in terms of preparing for the event, competing, and dismantling the whole project in order to make it better next year.”