What does the SA do, anyway?

By Stephen Higgins
Staff Writer

If you are a student at St. Michael’s College you have probably heard the Student Association mentioned more than a few times. But what is the Student Association and what does it do anyway?

Commonly referred to as SA around campus, the Student Association is a government body comprised solely of students. Although run by undergraduates, elected to their respective roles, each student at St. Michael’s College is a part of the association from their first day on campus until the day they graduate. “The Student Association is meant to advocate for the needs of students and to help administrators, faculty, and staff improve the student experience” said Sophie Adams ’18, Student Association President. The SA strives to connect the voice of the students with the capability administrators have to enact change in all departments of the school community, Adams explained, adding that the SA fosters a working relationship between the Board of Trustees, administration, and students.

“The Student Association’s purpose is to ensure that every student on this campus has a voice,” said Jake Myers ’19, Secretary of Student Life. Speaking for student interests and supervising club activity, the association aims to provide students with resources and representation, allowing both individuals and clubs to best exemplify the school by creating an inclusive and diverse environment.

But how can a student join the SA? The easiest way is to attend the weekly meetings, open to the campus, that occur every Tuesday at 7 p.m., in Cheray 101. During meetings those present discuss resolutions brought forth by Senate members, allocation of funds to clubs, and approval of club proposals amongst a number of other motions and policies enacted each Tuesday. Any student in attendance has the ability to offer their opinion on the decisions being made and each student has the opportunity to make announcements during the meeting. In order to cast a vote in the decision process the student must be a club representative, class officer, or an area/hall representative. Students can also vote and run for Executive Board and class officer positions. Elections occur in mid-February of each year. All secretary positions on the Executive Board are paid.

Photo by Elizabeth Stapleton

There is less interest from upperclassmen in participating in the SA. Yet each student is paying a hefty sum to be a member of this school, so each student should get a say in how it operates. Elaborating on that further Adams said, “Every student needs to know that they are a part of the Student Association; they are a part of this community and they have a responsibility to be an engaged and informed community member.”