Durick Library, 50, comes full circle

By Isabelle Risse
Staff Writer

Librarians, professors, and students decked out with flowers and peace signs feathered together on Friday night for a groovy 60s night celebration.

This year the Durick Library celebrates 50 years on St. Michael’s campus. In that time it has undergone a metamorphosis of sorts. Originally spherical in shape when it was built in 1968, the building almost doubled in size when it was expanded in 1992 into the current architecture that defines it today.

Two years ago the entire upstairs space was again renovated.

But as technology has changed dramatically in recent years, work of the librarians inside the building has also changed. “The library used to be made out of matter and now is made out of energy,” said Director of Library and Information Services John Payne.
The library is just the box that all the resources, databases, videos and more are kept in, Payne said. The librarians now are having to teach students how to use and access the online databases, rather than simply helping students find hard copy books. Although, in terms of the future, there are no worries for the Durick Library, said the director.

“The use of technology will make for many opportunities within the library,”said Kait Rouckey ’20, library work study student. The library will be able to use many resources that might have been more challenging to access before.”

The technology can be seen as an advantage for the library, as now they have access to thousands of more different documents and resources, said Bethany Dietrich, Reference and Instruction/Student Engagement Librarian. She mentioned that one of the largest changes she has seen is the interaction with librarians and students. Roukey, Payne, and Dietrich all added that one of their favorite aspects to working within the library is involvement with the students as well as the happy and upbeat vibe within Durick Library.

Photo by Eva Wilton

To find more information visit, www.smcvt.edu/durick50. Here you can find the history of the library through photos, as well as library memories from a variety of alumni. The library will continue to host events throughout February including a game on Friday, Feb. 16 “Are You Smarter Than a Librarian?” from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.in Dailey Room.