Behind the scenes: What’s with all the people in the radio station on Friday evenings?

By Talia Perrea
Photography Editor

Every Friday night, a half-dozen students or so gather into the WWPV radio station, located on the second floor of Dion at St. Michael’s College, to listen to some music and have a good time.
Colin Scanlon,’20, and Matt DeJoy, ’20 host a radio show through WWPV called the Snek Den.
DeJoy and Scanlon are joined by their friends as they host their show. Ivory Blanchette ’20 is a friend of DeJoy and Scanlon, and has attended multiple shows of the Snek Den.“Our group of friends are either in there or we’re listening outside, we all try to support them,” Blanchette said.
Scanlon started hosting in the fall of 2016, and created the Snek Den with DeJoy in the spring of 2017. The show was named after the “no step on snek meme.” “It’s a parody on the don’t tread on me,” said DeJoy“and it rhymes with our time slot, eight to ten.”
Scanlon started hosting because of an advertisement for WWPV he saw hanging around campus. “I found out that you only need to commit an hour of your life to it,” said Scanlon, who later convinced DeJoy to join him,“I have music that I want to play, that I want to share with people, and it’s a really good time,” DeJoy said.
The Snek Den airs Friday from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., and mainly plays alternative and classic rock, including a lot of “dad music” as Scanlon described it.
“Everyone I know who listens to it, says our banter is really funny. We usually try to keep it light, keep it funny, we don’t talk about a lot of serious topics. It’s a little different from most shows,” DeJoy said.
The Snek Den has a prime time slot, as not much is going at that time, this is reflected through the shows hits on the playlist. Scanlon and DeJoy aren’t just reaching a small audience, “Per night, I say we usually get around 50 hits on the playlist. Throughout the week [over the course of seven days] we usually get around 300 hits,” DeJoy and Scanlon said.
“They’re always super excited about the music that they play, it’s very personal for them,” Blanchette said.
The station is run by students, but members of the community, alumni, and students can all have radio shows. The Snek Den isn’t the only radio show that plays alternative music. Bella Cigna ’20, and Liam Galvin ’20, have a radio show on Mondays from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. called “Bees are dying at an alarming rate” that also features alternative music.
“People our age really like alternative music in general,” Cigna said. There’s so much alternative music. I feel like, that genre specifically, everyone’s trying to discover new music, and the radio shows are a great way.”

Left to Right. Matt DeJoy ’20 shows off his male modeling skills with Colin Scanlon ’20