What’s appropriate today

By Nathan Terry
Managing Editor

In today’s chaotic political world, candidates will do just about anything to connect with their potential voters. They will show how much they are like the common man, whether it’s showing off the American-made vehicle they are driving, the members of their family, or talking about how much character means to them. These days though, one has to wonder just how much stock some voters put into their favorite political figure’s character.
President Donald Trump, whether you agree with his policies or not, has been nothing short of revolting in some of his public and private statements that he was made. After the FBI raided the office and hotel room of his attorney, Michael Cohen, Trump declared “It’s a total witch hunt. I’ve been saying it for a long time. I’ve wanted to keep it down.” Trump went on to say the raid was a “disgraceful situation” and that the raid was an “attack on our country in a true sense”. These statements come on the heels of the FBI taking many documents and information from Cohen’s office related to President Trump’s alleged affair with an adult film star. The alleged affair took place in 2006, when Trump was one year into his marriage to Melania Trump. Whether these allegations are true or not, it is disturbing that Trump, who is currently in his third marriage, would have been willing to risk his reputation and have so little regard for those who would be affected by the potential scandal. Yet time and again, many of his supporters have expressed little concern over the turmoil that the White House has experienced thus far in the Trump administration. Perhaps as a society we have become more lenient toward the politicians we support when it comes to their actions and words. If we agree with their policy, we are more willing to turn a blind eye toward their transgressions and defend them fiercely when someone points them out.
When turning 18, every American has the great opportunity to voice their views through voting. According to a 2017 CNN poll, millennials are now the largest voting eligible age group. Yet, so many people vote simply for the candidate who is the funniest, the trendiest, and the one who shares a common ideology on one particular issue. Yet based on who we vote for, we can see what our country prioritizes. When I vote, I want the person who will best represent our country, not just share my political views. I want someone I can be proud of, who shares my values, and speaks thoughtfully, not carelessly.
No candidate is perfect, but there are plenty of candidates on both sides of the isle that share our values, if not our political views. As we prepare for this fall’s midterm election, I encourage each of you to think about what it is that you value, and to consider those values when deciding whom to vote for. The 2016 election proved no candidate is perfect. Yet there is hope for the future.
Our generation is known for its proficiency in social media and utilizing the internet. So prior to voting this fall, research the people you are considering for election. Learn about what kind of person they are, not just what you see on T.V. By voting for people with strong value that we can truly look up to, we will feel better about our country’s future during these trying times.