40 Vermont priests sexually abused minors

By Matthew Pramas
Managing Editor

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington released a report of 40 priests credibly accused of sexually abusing children since 1950. Many are dead and none of them still practice said the report. One priest, Charles G. Many, was an Edmundite accused of molesting boys in Vermont and Connecticut. He was not affiliated with St. Michael’s College. He is still alive in a retirement home in Williston, VT, according to Seven Days.

This is the list borrowed from The Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington’s report.

Charles G. Many
Robert J. Baffa
Donald A. Bean
James E. Beauregard
Conrad A. Bessette
Paul M. Bresnahan
Donald A. Bruneau
James J. Campbell
Leo J. Courcy Jr.
Robert E Devoy
Joseph H. Dussault
John F. Eastman
James F. Foley
Edward C. Foster
William P. Gallagher
Edward J. Gelineau
John A. Guischard
John B. “Jack” Kenney
Dennis J. LaRoche
Michael K. Madden
James J. McShane Jr.
Brian E. Mead
Walter D. Miller
Joseph Maxime Mooney
George O. Murtagh
Stephen J. Nichols
Edward O. Paquette
George A. Paulin
Raymond C. Provost
Daniel F. Roberts
Forest W. Rouelle
Emile W. Savary
Ronald A. Soutiere
Richard E. Thompson
Charles A. Towne
Raymond D. Walsh
Donal D. Ward
Alfred Willis
Benjamin D. Wysolmerski
Mark L. Quillen