Mailroom changes: how to get your package

By Erin Hammer
Staff Writer

Returning students may have noticed that the package slips have become a thing of the past at Saint Michael’s College. Keys to your post box serve one purpose now– to pick up your letters.

The mailroom had to change from their old system of paper slips which was no longer being supported. This new system, which began officially on July 1, is an IOS program on iPads that involves a swipe of your KnightCard, said George Goldsworthy, manager of Print and Mail at St. Michael’s.

“It is still September, so we are working through some things,” said student worker Maddi Sousa ’21. “The iPads will log us out frequently and sometimes the students don’t fully understand.” When you visit the mailroom, there could be a line. “Sometimes the sheer volume of people is what causes the lines. Especially around 10:45 a.m., it’s a madhouse,” Sousa said.

Seth Bowman ’22 is a returning student who was unaware of the switch. “The third day of going to the mailroom was when I saw the posters and realized the slips were discontinued,” he said. While he did not adapt immediately to the change, he said he now grasps the new concept.

Although where you ordered from may show that your package has arrived, it does not necessarily mean it’s ready for you in the mailroom. “It may be delivered physically, but we don’t have it in our system yet,” Sousa said.

Students should continue to be patient when waiting for the email notification. If you have questions go up to the window and have your card swiped. If you have serious problems or questions, reach out to George Goldsworthy. You can contact him by email:, or by phone: (802) 654-2522.