Anyone can tweet –– Gen Z shows they care Youth keeps activism alive and well

By Meg Friel
Executive Editor

They say our generation is lazy.

Gen Z is often associated with hiding behind a screen, using social media as a platform to express our opinions and Tweet protests into the void. Compare this to our parents, and our parents’ parents, marching on the street, arranging sit-ins that lasted for days – and the tradition of activism is seemingly on its last legs.

Not so fast– activism is still very alive and well. Youth within Saint Michael’s College and within the Burlington area is continuously proving that activism still exists, but we’re changing the narrative. With events such as the ICE protest in Williston, the display of #EqualPay shirts at the Burlington High School women’s soccer game, and the anti-racism posters made by SMC women’s soccer team. Generation Z is actively trying to make a change.

Anyone who says it’s dying hasn’t seen what a day across our generation looks like. Sure,we still use tools like social media as a way to spread awareness around one idea or opposition, but the idea of protesting in person proves the passion and soul that young people feel.

We are the next generation of street marchers, of sit-ins, and we’ll post it all along the way.

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