Campus news roundup

By Talia Perrea
Visionary Editor

Pontigny raid

Around 3 p.m. on October 23 cop cars, public safety, and some officials from the office of student life were around Pontigny. There were also some reports of police K9’s in the building.
“The nature of the incident is protected under federal privacy laws,” said Doug Babcock, director of Public Safety and Emergency Management. Babcock did share the public crime log, which stated that the incident was a drug violation involving paraphernalia. The incident ended with a judicial referral. There is no danger to the public from this incident Babcock said.

Sexual assault reported

Friday, November 1, students recieved a campus wide email from Public Safety about a sexual assult that happened on campus.
The assault reported by a female was said to have happened on the September 7, in Lyons hall. The incident was reported to officials on October 31, and is currently under investigation.

Student Steering committee

On Tuesday, Oct 29, the Student Government Association proposed an idea for a new group on campus, the “Student Steering Committee.”
“The idea is to put together a group of students to talk about what things are changing for the better, what’s not working, so that administrators have a better idea of what they’re not doing,” said Brenna Broderick ‘20, Student Government Association vice president. The group will consist of 6-10 students, said Broderick ‘20, along with administration and professors.
“It’s a long term project in changing campus culture,” Broderick said.

Construction mess

Photo by Talia Perrea
Oct. 30, 2:40 p.m.The start of what is to be the new walkway allowing safe passage for students when trying to access the field and the natural area across the street.

Construction on Route 15 near the jug handle and the cemetery by Campus Road began Oct 28, affecting the flow of traffic through campus.
St. Michael’s has been working with the State of Vermont Agency of Transportation, and the Town of Colchester for the past two years to get a crosswalk installed that connects the campus to the jug handle. “They will be installing a lighted crosswalk signal as well as a painted crosswalk,” Babcock said. Construction is set to finish before Thanksgiving.

Founders Hall

According to Joel Ribout, Associate Director of Facilities, Planning, and Construction, the school is still waiting to hear from Act 250, Vermont’s land use and development act. The original plan was to have the building demolished in the fall, but it now looks like it won’t be down until January or February.