Proposed changes to “outdated” guest policy

By Addison Bourgelais
Staff Writer

The Code of Conduct faced many policy changes over a 114-year life, and current Student Government Association President, Katelynn Briere, ‘20, said she thinks that the Guest Policy needs to be reworked. “It is really outdated and you can tell that is hasn’t been revised for a long time. Given the fact that students aren’t using it anymore to register their guests we think it’s time to take a look at it and essentially overhaul it,” she said.

For instance, students can’t register a guest of the opposite sex, even if that person is family.

“I’ve been here just under 40 years,” said Director of Residence Life Louis DiMasi, “it’s been revisited recently but it’s been in place for a number of those years. ”

This policy affects all residents.

Since 1905, the Saint Michael’s College’s Student Code of Conduct upholds a Catholic inspired mission and rules.With other policies adapting to reflect changes in modern culture, older policies are examined in order to prevent contradiction and correct erroneous language.

Currently, in order to register a guest, the host must acquire a guest registration form from the residence life office or from their RA. This paper must be signed by the host, the guest, and the RA on-duty. Some students said this can cause problems to get the form completed, especially when it concerns friends or family of the opposite sex.

“When my brother first came up, I wasn’t going to register him because I physically couldn’t register him under my name,” said Abigail Carbonneau, ‘20, “I texted my RA and she sent me to another person who sent me to another person so I just gave up and he went unregistered.”

The difficulty of completing guest registration can lead to disregarding this policy. “I’ve never registered a guest, I don’t really know how to,” said Sullivan Meilie, ‘21.

Changes are being considered for this policy out of concerns for safety at the college. While the school is open to guests, an issue arises from guests who visit and do not follow the code of conduct.

“While they are a guest here, all of our rules apply to them,” said the Coordinator of the Office of Community Standards and Student Conduct Jeff Vincent. “In my experience, most guests don’t have the same love and care for Saint Michael’s College that you do.”

When siblings or family members of the opposite sex visit the campus, friends can get involved. “I would have to get a guy friend to register him, which I considered doing, but if something went wrong, it would be on my friend instead of me,” said Carbonneau about registering her brother.

“When my brother came up, I couldn’t register him under my name.”

-Abigail Carbonneau ‘20

Vincent said, “You can just say that’s the person they’re staying with, so they can be registered as their guest and your guest.”

While no specific changes have been deliberated, a change would create an online form for registering guests. This makes the process easier, but not without potential problems.

Briere said she wants to see improved safety and efficiency on campus.

“One of the things I would say about the paper version as it acts as your ID for the weekend, and it also prompts in-person communication with a staff member.” said Vincent.

SMC Guest Policy

Overnight guests of the opposite sex are not permitted. Students may invite guests of the same sex to occupy their rooms overnight by informing the Residence Life Staff. The host student must be in residence during the guest’s visitor’s occupancy. Each student is responsible for the conduct of his or her guest and may be held liable for any violation of campus policy, any damage to College property or the property of others caused by the guest or visitor. Any infraction of the above policy, or conduct by a guest that does or would violate College policy, may result in loss of the student’s guest privileges.