Your Adventure, Abroad

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Your Adventure, Abroad
By Jackson Stoever

Studying abroad can be quite daunting at first glance. Students on campus embark on this journey each semester and it is often, the first time students are leaving the country. The nerves and intimidation sometimes scare students off the experience and affect us all before we head off on this new adventure. I hope to be studying abroad for myself this coming fall and these emotions have dwindled with me for the past few months. To seek a reassuring voice, I was able to meet with some fellow Purple Knights who have recently returned from their studies while abroad.

While interviewing them for a video interview, the tremendous insecurity I had felt for the entire Study Abroad process disappeared and the excitement that replaced it was indescribable. If I am able to take part in half the experiences that my peers have, that will be accomplishing enough. Perhaps students that joined me in the fear fest that was previously mentioned can take refuge, knowing that our classmates took the same path as us.

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