Staff Profiles

Leanne Hamilton

Leanne is an Executive Editor this semester after having been the role of the Arts and Culture Editor during the Spring 2019 semester. While her love of writing certainly pairs with the Defender, her main interest lies in fiction writing. Working for the Defender allows her to weave both storytelling and investigative writing together. When Leanne isn’t writing, either fiction or prepping for print, you can often find her bouncing around campus visiting her friends or out finding adventures off campus. 

Hannah McKelvey 

Hannah McKelvey is the Photography & Travel/Outdoors Editor and Executive Editor this semester, it is her first time on the Defender staff. Hannah enjoys pairing her written work along with her photography, making the photography editor a nice fit. In Hannah’s free time she enjoys living out of her car for weeks at a time and exploring different National Parks all over the country. 

Victoria Bradford

Victoria is the Visual and Design Editor for this semester as a first time Defender staff member. She is a dog mom to Diego, her chubby chiweenie. Aesthetics are a passion of hers, and she can be found scrolling through art inspiration boards on her Pinterest. Her role enables her to pursue her love for visuals and design and gain experience in the field before she enters the post-grad world hopefully working in media marketing. If she isn’t in the Mac Lab or MakerSpace working, she can be found walking Diego, making digital art, or getting Dunkin’ too often. 

Janvier N

Janvier is an Opinion Editor and social justice for this semester as the first time Defender Staff member. He has a strong passion for writing and likes to write for fun. His main interest is in philosophical writings, analytic and reflective. Taking the role of opinion editor and social justice allows him to pursue his love for critical thinking, insights, and particularly in telling the truth without falling into conformity. When Janvier isn’t writing, you likely to see him talking to friends or alone in Alliot.  

Kaitlyn Williams

Kate is the Online Editor of the Defender for the first time this semester. She is a junior in Media Studies, Journalism, and Digital Arts Major.

Jackson Stoever

Jackson Stoever is the Videography Editor for the Defender this semester. Being a Media Studies major, he enjoys creating videos for school and with his friends and family at home. He also has taken a liking of photography while at school and applies that to multimedia projects along with his videography and film.

Elise Lemay

Elise Lemay is the Health and Wellness Editor this semester, as her first being on the Defender staff. Elise enjoys writing of all kinds.