St. Michael’s students reflect during their days in quarantine

I am from Wuhan, China: Student speaks out about virus starting in hometown and spreading

By Ethan (Zhi) Li

 Zhi Li ‘21, from Wuhan, China, reflects on his hometown and the empty campus during the pandemic. He is a Media Studies, Journalism and Digital Arts major who does handcrafts and takes photos in his free time. 

Student reflects on COVID-19 within her own life and community

By Jessica Johnson

 Jessica Johnson class of ’21, reflects on the changes COVID-19 has had on her life and her community in the past month since Vermont’s stay at home order.

Home sweet home: student looks on the bright side to COVID-19

By Haeleigh Lange

My name is Haeleigh Lange, ’22, and my major is Media Studies, Journalism, and Digital Arts. I like being outdoors, especially when it’s nice out. I also like photography, I like taking nature photos and photos that mainly focus on a single thing. I think nature and photography for me go hand in hand and combining them make each of those things more enjoyable.