31 days and counting… Black Lives Matter overnight protests continue in Burlington, Vt.

By Sarah Knikerbocker

Design Editor

On September 20, protesters continue to join The Black Perspective at their camp in Battery Park next to the police station in Burlington, VT.

“We’ve never as a nation, reconciled with race relations and that is one of the biggest obstacles that we have right now.”
-Dr. Kathryn Dungy, professor of history

This sign was painted by a young student at Champlain Elementary School and
it easily catches your eye on Pine St. in Burlington, Vt., taken on September 9.

“It’s not always going to feel like we’re making progress. But it’s really important that we always continue to use our voices.”
-Aisha Naverette, ‘23

Protesters gathered at Roosevelt Park in Winooski, Vt. on Saturday, September 12, to
honor black and people of color’s lives that have been lost because of police brutality or
mistreatment, and to watch the inspiring movie, “Black is King”, as a community

“The Black Lives Matter movement isn’t politics, it’s human rights.” -Vanessa Bonebo, ‘21