‘Campus Reunited’

COVID-19 has attempted to break the tightly knit bond of our community. Time and time again, we have faced the test of time and reunited. This pandemic has shown us all that our bond is unbreakable. It is stronger than the pulls of this virus.

From faculty baking cookies for students in quarantine to peers creating Valentine’s Day gifts for each other, we are reminded that in times of uncertainty, we have each other.

The scarcity of articles and stories about the pandemic in this issue is representative of a larger motif– there is life beyond COVID. We recognize the severity of COVID-19 and strongly encourage you to follow public health protocols to keep the community safe. However, there is more to life than this virus.

What’s going to happen tomorrow? What about next week? What will the rest of the semester look like? These questions ruminate our minds daily like a record on repeat. The Defender encourages you to deviate your focus from what you don’t know. Focus on what you do know. 

Live in the moment, and enjoy the beauty of what is in front of you.