Spectral Shenanigans

By Connor Torpey

Arts & Culture Editor

Hello intrepid readers of the St. Michaels Defender, today I have for you an extraordinary story, one that can only be told in the context of video. You see, I have been tasked with proving the existence of a ghost in Canterbury to my roommates. For some reason they believe me to be causing disturbances in the suite, disturbances mind you that can only be caused by extraplanar beings (i.e. missing leftovers in the fridge, dropping someone’s toothbrush in the toilet, breaking a chair and repairing it with scotch tape). If these accusations against me are not proven to be false, my suitemates are prepared to have me evicted from the suite.

Thankfully, I have recently declared my major as Media Studies, Journalism, and Digital Arts, with an emphasis in journalism. Because of journalistic integrity I can no longer tell a lie, and only believe in the truth. Truth is all that exists in my mind now, all and any nonfactual statements and ideas have been flushed out of my mind and have been replaced with only hunger for a clearer view on reality. Why are puppies cute? Why is the sky blue? Is the earth really round? If dinosaurs existed how come I’ve never seen one? Who or what is haunting Canterbury hall? These are the questions that I must and will answer, and if I can’t I’ll find myself looking for new housing.