Newly appointed e-board plans for the fall

By Jacob Perkins

Staff Writer

A total of 60 Student Government Association (SGA) members met via Zoom on April 20 to vote on a new executive board. The candidates were introduced to the Senate and explained goals they hope to accomplish next year. The Senate voted to confirm each appointed member, to which there were no objections.

Antonio Finsterer ’22– President

Finsterer was elected president of the SGA in early April and previously served as vice president. Finsterer wants to continue fostering diversity, equity and inclusion on campus, he said. He also wants to build working relationships with faculty, administration, and staff.

“I am very excited to be working with such a dedicated and talented group of students,” Finsterer said when asked about his hopes for the future of the new e-board.

Meghan Geouque ’22– Vice President

Geoque was elected as vice president earlier this month.

“Antonio Finsterer, the SGA President and I developed goals together for our time serving in these positions. We want to continue making racial justice a priority on this campus by supporting the Demands for Cultivating Belonging that were passed by former President Vanessa Bonebo to create a more diverse equitable and inclusive SMC,” she said.

Geoque noted her desire to focus on building a more positive relationship between students and public safety and emphasizing the importance of collaboration between the student body and the administration,” she said.

Lily Denslow ‘22– Secretary of Academics

Denslow will serve as the secretary of academics for her third year, and plans on focusing on student mental health. She hopes to collaborate with clubs that focus on mental health and with the Bergeron Wellness Center.

“I think that during this past year with COVID, student mental health has taken a big hit and that even after the pandemic ends many people will still be struggling,” she said.

Shannon Murray ‘22– Secretary of Athletics

Murray served as the secretary of athletics this spring, and was confirmed again by the Senate for next year. Murray aims to make the Athletic Department safe for everyone, and maintain a feeling of equality for everyone, regardless of whether they play sports or not, she said.

“With athletics being such a big part of the Saint Mike’s community, both qualitatively and quantitatively, it is imperative that this role be filled by somebody who cares deeply about about the well-being of the school, including the mental health of students, the decisions made by administration, the culture of St. Michael’s, and all the other entities that made us chose to attend this school in the first place,” she said.

Alexyah Dethvongsa ’22– Secretary for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Dethvongsa was approved by the Senate as the new secretary of diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) for next year. She explained her desire to create a more equitable and inclusive environment on campus, create stronger relationships and safe spaces for first years and onward, and create a Google Form that students can use year-round to address problems and concerns on campus.

“With my experience speaking on social justice issues such as race, gender, and policy, I believe that I will be able to connect my previous experiences and knowledge to assist in creating initiatives that are tangible to making the Michael’s community more equitable and welcoming, especially to BIPOC students on campus,” she said.

Benoit Fumeaux ’22– Secretary of Finance

Fumeaux was appointed as the secretary of finance. Fumeaux plans to create an easier way of tracking spending for clubs and continue the system of lending P-cards, he explained.

“I am excited to become involved in the SGA and as a member of the board, I am looking forward to working with my colleagues to answer students’ needs and enhance their experience at St. Michael’s College.”

Sierah Miles ‘22 and Anna Witkowski ‘22– Co-secretaries of Programming

Miles and Witkowski plan to increase DEI-specific programs, utilize creativity and compromise to continue to host safe in-person programming, and incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion into other programming they explained.

“I hope to further the long-term impact programming can have on the campus body by continuing to allocate funds for permanent installations such as the ice rink and the disc golf course that the St. Michael’s College community can enjoy for decades to come,” Miles said.

“I have many ideas for the upcoming year about how to keep students’ mental health positive and keep them happy with the school. I am a student and a worker who values meaningful action and change. I have the experience and drive to create and follow through on inventive and fun event ideas,” Witkowski stated.

Ashley DeLeon ‘23– Secretary of Student Life

DeLeon served as the former secretary of diversity, equity and inclusion, and was recently appointed as secretary of student life for next year. She plans to address problems with reporting door accessibility, bring engaging speaking to educate the community on a variety of topics, and to surprise students around campus with raffles and games.

“Sometimes, the smallest things can brighten someone’s day, and I really hope that we can give people something to smile about even if it’s in the middle of a Monday morning,” she said.