Campus musicians take the stage

Anna Pedreschi| Staff Writer|

Ryan Hosea ’23 aka “Phat Hosea“ is one of the musicians preforming at Higher Ground on Friday. Photo courtesy of Joseph Hosea

Screaming fans, bright lights and a booming bass, this is what you can expect at Higher Ground. Ryan Hosea ’23, known to his fans as Phat Hosea, is performing at the North Ave Jax 99 Neighbors concert at Burlington’s Higher Ground tomorrow. Although not a music major or minor, Hosea has taken music classes here at Saint Michael’s, which have confirmed for him that he wants music to be his path in life. “I learned a lot about the music industry, which is cool because I got to use what I learned in those classes right away,” Hosea said. Hosea does wish there were some changes around campus when it comes to the music scene. He wants to help make it easier for musicians to freely practice, so one day they too can perform to a sold out crowd of over 700 people. “I love Hosea’s music because it brings the St. Michael’s community together,” Noelle Messick ’24 said.
Hosea has released an album titled “Phases,” and has over 35 songs on several music platforms including Apple Music and spotify. His most popular song is “TimeZone” and can be heard playing at social gatherings, and on some teams’ warm-up playlist. Many people on campus know every word to the song, and many more songs that Hosea has released. “Ryan has a lot of meaningful music that comes from his real life that I can relate to, I think that’s why I like his music so much,” Andrew Galvin ’24 said.
These songs helped Hosea get to where he is now, such as getting to play at Higher Ground. “When I first started I would have laughed if you told me I would be performing in front of a sold out crowd,” Hosea said.
Getting into the music scene as a college student can be difficult for many. “It took a lot of time and failures to make music that people wanted to listen to and getting to that point is what can make someone catch the eye of a promoter,” Hosea said. “I was lucky to be invited to perform by Love, Kelly and I think having the support of St. Mike’s students and friends is what made it happen.”
In the future Hosea wants to see a recording studio on campus, and more opportunities for students to perform. “A recording studio would allow music majors and minors to record music, because there are not a lot of options for that in our area,” said Hosea. “I also think it would be cool to have a spring concert. It could give student artists an opportunity to show their talent and would be fun for the students. It would be cool to get a popular artist to headline too to attract more people and hype up the event.”
Nolan Hanna ’23 is another musician on campus, who has had opportunities to perform around Burlington. Hanna has been playing music since he was 8, and considers himself a jazz musician, but loves playing other genres. He has performed at Orlando’s, Reuben James, Nectar’s and the Earth Festival last year on campus. “We brought music to Rueban James for a little while, they did not have live music, and then they started having bands play which was pretty cool,” Hanna said.

Nolan Hanna ’23 the plays the saxophone outside in the 200’s on Sunday. Photo by Dakota Thomas

Hanna, like Hosea, would like to see some changes within the music program. “I think we need more courses that are focused on musical theory, and actual musical applications for playing and making music, and harmony,” Hanna said. Hanna also believes that hosting more events around campus for musicians would be beneficial, but wants to remind students, “You can organize events yourself, be it on campus, or in Burlington.”
Hanna is also excited to see Hosea perform at Higher Ground. “Getting this gig will for sure help him find other opportunities after,” Hanna said.
William Ellis, an associate professor of fine arts, specifically music, at St. Michael’s, came here from Memphis Tennessee, a popular destination for musicians. Ellis was surprised to see so much music here in the Burlington area, and specifically St. Michael’s. “One of the pleasant surprises of moving up here was that so many kids, whether they are majoring or minoring in music or not, are musical,” Ellis said.
Ellis has worked with many students, and helped them improve within their musical career. “Whether I was a music teacher or not it is just exciting to see all that energy and creativity in our kids,” Ellis said.
This generation of students currently are the beginning of what seems to be revitalizing music here at St. Michael’s. They went out of their comfort zone on and off campus, and so far have had great success. They have inspired many other students and faculty at St. Michael’s to take risks and face adversity.
Make sure to check out Hosea’s music, but good luck getting a ticket to this sold out show. Many students cannot wait to see Phat Hosea take the stage. “Get your name out there, networking is key,” Hosea said. “You never know what a good connection can lead you to.”