Thinking through class registration

Rory York | Executive Editor |

The class schedules for the summer and fall semesters of 2024 were posted on Knightvision on March 4 and the advising period begins on March 18 just after spring break.  Oftentimes students can view the advising and registration process as tedious, stressful, and a waste of time. 

The process of registration involves a lot of bumps and obstacles that can oftentimes deter students from getting the most out of it. But its also an incredible process that can change what you get out of this school for the better. 

Choosing classes can be tricky and exhausting. And yet, finding the classes you want that fit in a schedule you are happy with is just the first step of many. Are there enough seats? How badly do you need this class for your major or minor? Are you even interested in your backup classes? 

My advice is: only take the classes that really matter to you. Don’t take a class just to take it. If you are interested in it, its worth the time and the money spent. Especially if it applies to your major, but even so. A random english class that you know you will find boring is not worth it for you to add just because it works with your schedule. Make the most out of the classes and time you spend here. Each class that you take costs around 6,000 dollars- not including all the extra time and energy you put into it throughout the semester. 

Take classes that make you excited. Take classes with your favorite professors. Expand your horizons and try new things. If you can afford it, try and take one “just for fun” class per semester. Not only does it help with your mental health, but it helps to keep things new and interesting in your undergraduate experience.

Meeting with your advisor can also prove to be tricky. Finding time in your busy schedule, and sometimes just thinking it could be an email instead of an in-person meeting. However, meeting with your advisors is valuable time that often cannot be accessed anywhere else. Ask about internships, study abroad, recommendations for classes or for a minor. Your advisor isn’t just anyone- its someone who is connected to the field you are interested in, and can help you to be more successful in your career after college. 

Registration is not something to be taken lightly- you only have four years here as an undergrad, and the time moves faster than you think. Put thought and care into your classes and advisor meeting, and you will see the process become a lot smoother. 

I’ve done all of this and more- and even when it didn’t work out the way I wanted to, emailing and advocating for myself was the best thing I could ever do. My dad always said “sqeuaky wheel gets the grease” Its true. If you can show your professors you are truly serious and care about a class that you want to get in to but can’t for some reason- chances are changes will be made on your behalf.

As for the morning of registration, all you can do is wake up early and press the register button and hope for the best. But always put yourself first and always advocate-this is your education, after all.