Matt Heller 

Matt is an executive editor this semester after having the role of photography editor during the Spring 2019 semester. While his passion lies in landscape photography, he also enjoys reporting, especially investigative stories that promote transparency. When he’s not working on a story or preparing for a print publication, you can find him in the mountains as an instructor for the Adventure Sports Center. His hobbies include hiking, photography, mountain biking, fishing, weightlifting, and waking up at appallingly early hours to track moose and sasquatch in the mountains.  

Lorelei Poch

Lorelei is the environment editor for the fall semester. Her hobbies include both alpine and nordic skiing, spending time outdoors with friends and family and various arts (painting, photography, singing and playing guitar). Her role allows her to live out her keen passion in working towards a better society; her goal is to provide The Defender readership with tools to preserve our environment, knowledge to understand how Saint Michael’s works on making our campus green, and motivational stories to encourage personal initiative to establish a more sustainable society. She works in the MakerSpace as a lead and tunes into her vivacious and creative personality via her authentic fashion and quirky sense of humor.

Meg Friel

Meg is an executive editor this semester after serving as news editor during the Spring 2019 semester. She’s been writing for newspapers since her freshman year of high school, when she got randomly assigned to a journalism class that just so happened to become her longtime passion. Meg especially loves writing, but also has an interest in videography and graphic design. When Meg isn’t held up at the computer lab, working on pages or crafting her stories, she’s binge watching movies with her roommates or exploring around Vermont, her new home only second to Maine. 

Emma Shortall

Emma is the multimedia editor this semester. Ever since high school, she has been interested in design and media, which stemmed from creating small edits of her favorite celebrities. Once she took a film class in her first year, she fell in love with video editing and wants to pursue a career in it along with going into the social media aspect of marketing. When Emma is not in Jeanmarie until the wee hours of morning, she can be seen giving tours on campus, making grilled cheeses (her favorite lunch-time food), watching anything Disney related or relaxing with her roommates. 

Matt Pramas

Matt is the managing editor this semester. He likes writing and discussing about interesting things across many topics, which almost never includes sports, as it’s a waste to be dull. In his free time, he often hangs out with friends, listening to records, and goes on adventures, even if they get him into trouble sometimes. He recently got into photography and enjoys learning about new ways to create. Whenever he isn’t scrambling to get an assignment in on time, or being skeptical about some otherwise harmless thing, or just being grumpy for no apparent reason, he’s actually fairly pleasant to be around.

Talia Perrea

Talia is the visionary editor this semester. She hopes to promote the presence of The Defender on and off campus. This is Talia’s second time working on The Defender. Talia has an interest in photography, writing, and public relations and hopes to tie in all her skill sets into the paper this semester. When not hunting down a lead for a story, Talia can often be found taking photos in the rain or working at the school store. 

Angelina (Lena) O’Donnell

As the Visual Editor for the semester, Lena gets to overlook the photography, illustrations, and other visual components to the Defender. Growing up in a sheltered house she had never seen what the news and media was really about, the good or the bad. She hopes that this experience will help guide her down the path of activism and being able to use her art and writing to make a statement. She is aware of social justice issues on and off-campus and wants to bring awareness to them through the paper. She has a fire that she knows will not be extinguished. 

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